​​New Rules and Regulations for Playing Golf at Island Valley Golf Course     

beginning May 30th, 2020: Covid-19

1.  Only ONLINE payments will be accepted by using pay-pal at bottom of this page, no cash or checks.

2.  Please print your PayPal receipt to show the attendant in charge at the Pro-Shop or we will see you on course.  You must pay before you come out to golf that day.  YOU CANNOT PURCHASE ON A MONDAY AND COME GOLFING ON A Tuesday.

3.  Golf carts can be rented at this time. Due to regulations, carts can be used for 1 player each or by 2 people to a cart if they have been quarantining together. YOU MUST BE 21 YEARS OLD TO RENT AN ELECTRIC CART AND YOU MUST HAVE A VALID I.D. Each cart will be disinfected after each use. 

4.  Upon arrival if the 1st tee is open please start your play and observe recommended social distancing at all times, a minimum of 12 feet from one another.  If there are people on the first tee, remain 12 feet from one another and wait until the tee is open.

5.  Each golfer must have their own SET OF CLUBS.  NO SHARING.

6.  Please leave your pets at home.

Golf Fee's with handling charge:

Daily 9 Holes, and 1 person Electric cart fee = $23.74 per person

Weekend/Holiday 9 Holes, and 1 person Electric cart fee = $25.79 per person

Spring 2020 Greens Fees:

Daily (9 holes): $15.74 per person
Weekends & Holidays: $17.79 per person
Senior Discounts* (Weekdays Dawn to Dusk - 9 holes): $9.56 
Junior Discounts** (Weekdays Dawn to Dusk - 9 holes): $9.56

Youth Discounts (Weekdays & Weekends, All Day -9 holes): $9.56
Second 9 holes: $8.53 per person

Electric Riding Cart: $8.00 per person

Using Electric Riding Cart for Second 9 holes: $4.42 per person
Pull Carts: $3.39
Rental Clubs: $5.45

*Seniors age 62 and over.
*Juniors age 16 and under.

*Youth age 12 and under.

* NO Cash or Checks at this time.
*Only registered players allowed on golf course. Please pay and register by clicking "Buy Now".
*Discount rates and coupons do not apply to holidays and weekends.

*Gift Certificates Available.

Golf Passes 2020

20 Round Golf Pass - $230.00 per person

Seasonal  Golf Pass 2020 - $470.00 per person

Family 2020 Golf Pass - $690.00

Youth 2020 Golf Pass - $420.00

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